What iBuddies Program is.

iBuddies program is created to support international students of UAD  to get around during their study in UAD. Since 2007, the number of International student of UAD continuously increases. This program helps international students to get to know more about Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. Imagine when you come to new environment, do not know anything even do not know how to find daily needs.  You need someone to take your hand and help you out to stay alive.  Due to these reasons, you can help them to make a friend, share important information, etc.  Moreover, you can enlarge your international experiences and knowledge; deeply get information about study abroad, scholarship, etc.


  1. Active undergraduate students of UAD
  2. Have a good Knowledge of UAD, Yogyakarta and Indonesia
  3. Speak good English. Able to speak other language is plus point
  4. Service Oriented
  5. Creative
  6. Familiar with graphic design and video editing is plus point
  7. GPA 3,00
  8. Min 3 semester (Sept, 2019), max 7 semester
  9. Personable
  10. Emphatics
  11. Open-minded


  1. Expanding your horizons on the world cultural diversity
  2. Having new international friends
  3. Getting more information about study abroad and scholarship
  4. Practicing your English or other foreign languages
  5. Becoming ambassador of UAD
  6. Being involved in all international students activities
  7. Visiting tourism and cultural destinations
  8. Gathering and cultural activities
  9. Certificate
  10. And much more

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Copy of your latest GPA
  3. CV
  4. Students ID
  5. Your latest picture (3R)

Submit your application at International Office Jl. Kapas No.9 Semaki Yogyakarta

Application Deadline

Apply Deadline
8 May  (08.00-14.00) 22 June 2019 at 1 PM

Application Procedure:

  1. Application submission
  2. Desk Evaluation
  3. Interview
  4. Result announcement (via email and www.oia.uad.ac.id)

For more information contact

085226562929 (WA only)

081229997601 (WA only)