Application and Admission

Applicant should submit the following documents

(1) 6 pieces full color photo for each  (2×3, 3×4, and 4×6 cm size)  with red background

(2) A copy of Identity card

(3) A copy of Passport

(4) Curriculum Vitae

(5) A legal  of diploma and academic transcript or the highest academic degree certificate (in English)

(6) A copy of saving book

(7) A copy of birth certificate/Family certificate

(8) A copy of birth marriage certificate (if any)

(9) A copy of health certificate

(10) Fulfill and sign the Declaration Form

(11) Financial Statements

(12) A copy of insurance certificate

(13) Application for Inbound Program

a. Application for Inbound 2+2 students

b. Application for Inbound BIPA

c. Application for Inbound regular students

d. Application for Inbound Exchange Students


Universitas Ahmad Dahlan academic year is divided into two semester, Odd Semester and Even Semester which will be started on September  every year. Applicants are expected to send the required document  to the Office of International Affairs of UAD two (2) months prior to semester commencement.

 The Result Selection

 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan will send the Letter of Acceptance to the selected applicant.