Jogjakarta is a city and a capital of Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) in Java island, Indonesia. Jogjakarta was a capital of Indonesia during national revolution (1945-1949). The philopophical meaning of Yogyakarta is a fit prosperous city. This city is very rich of history, arts, culture, and tourism destination. But this city known well as the city of student and the city of culture. In Jogjakarta, there are many historical temples, ancient building, Malioboro, Sultan’s Palace, museums, traditional markets, tourism villages, beautiful beaches, culture and handicraft center. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta is often called as Javanese culture center.


Jogjakarta has a unique traffic. In this city, students can travel around using various vehicles, both modern and traditional such as becak, dokar and ojek. UAD campuses are relatively near the business centers of Jogjakarta. The province bus station is about 5 minutes from campus II and III, 10 minutes from campus I and 15 minutes from campus IV.  The Adisucipto airport of Yogyakarta is about 20 minutes from campus II and III, 25 minutes from campus I and 15 minutes from campus IV and V.  Besides providing domestic flights, this airport also provides international ones.

Living in Jogja

The Jogjakarta people are known as friendly, tolerant and open-minded, especially to students from other regions including from foreign countries.  Therefore, Jogjakarta is multi-culture and known as miniature of Indonesia with its harmony in living and full of familiarity. Generally, people’s life style is simple, so the stress level, as usually found in world’s big cities, is rarely found here. As the result, Jogjakarta people have the highest life expectation level in Indonesia.

DIY develops rapidly, but it never leaves traditional values. In this region, modernity and traditional art go hand in hand. Nowdays, Jogjakarta becomes one of favorite study destinations for foreigners from around the world.

Living in Jogjakarta is enjoyable. One of the reasons is living cost which is relatively cheap. It is about US$ 150-170 per month for boarding (US$ 30-40), food (US$ 80-85), transportation (US$ 30-35), and other necessities. With cheap price, students can easily find with various food both modern such as European, American, Middle East, Indian, African and traditional food. Studying at UAD, students may live in the campus dormitory (Campus IV) or homestay, so it gives a unique study experience.

Therefore, studying at UAD in Yogyakarta will be a unique and enjoyable experience that is unforgettable.