Visa Application

To study at UAD for more than 6 (six) months, you need to apply for ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit).

How to get ITAS?

You need to apply for VKSB first before you enter Indonesia. At the same time we will issue the study permit letter in the Immigration Office Centre in Jakarta. After the arrival in Indonesia, you need to do the conversion from VKSB and Study Permit Letter into ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit). This ITAS can be used to study for one or two years.

What is Social Culture Visit Visa?

Social Culture Visit Visa is provided only for person who intends to study or do training for more than 60 days in Indonesia. This visa is normally valid for maximum 6 months, but some Indonesian embassies in certain countries only provide for 4 months maximum stay.

Bagan Imigrasi

How to get Socio-Culture Visit Visa?

To be able to get this visa you must have Indonesian person/institution who is willing to be your sponsor and provide sponsorship letter for you. This letter is one of the main documents required by the Indonesian Embassy in order to apply social culture visit visa. You must bring all necessary documents to Indonesian Embassy and start the process there. For further information, check directly to Indonesian Embassy closest to your location.

The applicant comes to the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant home country and brings these documents:

  • Letter of Acceptance from UAD
  • Sponsor and Guarantee Letter which will be sent from UAD
  • Fill the visa application form in the Embassy of Indonesia

How to get & Extend Socio-Cultural Visit Visa by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Sponsorship?

University of Ahmad Dahlan will only provide sponsorship for students who intend to study at least 6 months for non-degree program and 2 years   for degree program. By this sponsorship, UAD guarantees to Indonesian Government that you will only use the visa for study at UAD, not for other purposes. Therefore, you must understand that UAD has full right to reject or support you to get or to extend your visa. The steps you must follow to have sponsorship from UAD are:

  • First, you must fill in: Application Form For Inbound ProgramVisa Sponsorship Form, and Surat Pernyataan, and pay enrollment fee for one semester study in advance.
  • After we receive all those documents and the payment, we will make the sponsorship letter and send it by fax to the Indonesian Embassy and send you the copy by e-mail. If you have been in Indonesia, it is possible to bring the sponsorship letter by yourself to Indonesian Embassy.

Letter of Self Report /  Surat Tanda Melapor

The students must submit the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of KITAS
  2. Photocopy of passport (including pages Permits extension)
  3. Photographs (passport size)
  4. Letter of application and guarantee from UAD