Yogyakarta, where UAD is located, is a city with enormous attraction. Known as a culture as well as student city, Yogyakarta is a good reason to go to enhance knowledge, skills, and experience. Here is some facst on Yogyakarta.


3,457,491 (390,207 for Yogyakarta City)


Tropical climate with constant temperature around 220C-300C


People of Yogyakarta are very friendly, tolerant, helpful, and open-minded


Harmony-in-life and full of togetherness and friendship

Cost Living

Since Yogyakarta is the educational city  living cost is much more cheaper than other regions in Indonesia. The enjoyable and reasonably cheap living cost only about $100 to $200 per month (normal expence) that may cover accomodation, food, transfortation, and other necessary expenses, such as entertaiment, books, and other materials (for students).


Plane, Train, Trans Jogja, Taxi, Becak, Andong, Bicycle

Cultural and Art Center

Yogyakarta is known as Kota Seniman and Kota Budaya (City of Culture and Art). Yogyakarta is the miniature of Indonesia (multicultural city).  Various culture and subculture develop well based on entity, group, and or even belief in harmony. This place is also the place where arts can be developed very fast and many artist produce and develop their big work.

Education Center

Yogyakarta is known as Kota Pelajar (Student City. It has 130 higher educations , 6205 schools/from kindergarden to senior high shool). There are many opportunities and facilities provided for national or international students to study and develop their capabilities and mind here.

Cultural Heritage

Culture and Tradition

Ceremony of Yogyakarta Wedding Tradition (Midadareni, Ngerik, Siraman, Nyantri, Tarub), Sekaten, Grebeg, Maulud, Grebeg Syawal, Grebeg Besar, Numplak Wajik Ceremony, Labuhan Custom Tradition (Kagungan Dalem), Siraman Kraton, Nguras Kong (Enceh) Ceremony, Rabu Pungkasan Wonokromo Pleret  Ceremony, Saparan Wonolelo Ceremony, Saparan Gamping (Bekakak) Ceremony, Saparan Kalibuka Ceremony, Surat Demang Ceremony, Labuhan Merapi Ceremony, Tulung Wulung Ceremony, Pehcun, Baritan Ceremony, Rejeban Jatimulyo Ceremony, Nampi Peredan (Puro Pakualaman) Ceremony.

Art and Craft

  • Silver
  • Leather
  • Batik
  • Dried-Flower
  • Stone
  • Ceramics
  • Bronze
  • Bamboo


Pantai Parangtritis, Pantai Glagah, Pantai Kukup, Pantai Wediombo, Pantai Siung, Pantai Sadranan, Puncak Merapi, Rafting at Sungai Progo Bawah, Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Banyu Sumilir, Goa Cerme, Goa Pindul, Kali Biru, Pantai Ngrenehan, Pantai Kwaru, Pantai Sadeng.


Culinary tourism consist of traditional culinary, local culinary, national culinary, international culinary, vendors culinary, such as various Gudeg, Gado-gado, Lotek, Sate, Bakmi, Sop, Nasi Goreng, Soto, Sate Klathak, Bakmi Pentil, Wedang Secang, Wedang Ronde, Roti Kolomben, Kue Moto Kebo, Kue Yangko, Kue Kipo (Iki Opo), Bakpia, Jaddah tempe, Kripik Belut, Kripik Paru, Bebek Geprek, Oseng Mercon, Mangut Lele,etc.

Entertainment and Recreation

Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Jogja Java Carnival, Ramayana Ballet, Purawisata, Pasar Satwa dan Taman Hias Yogyakarta (PASTY), Gembira Loka, Art Performace, Art Exhibition, Street Performance, Pesta Boneka.

Shopping Center

Malioboro, Pasar Beringharjo, Mirota Batik, Kasongan, Pasar Klithikan, Bursa Argo Jogja


Regional Public Hospitals

RSUD DR.Sardjito

RSUD Wirosaban

Private hospital

PKU Muhammadiyah (Since UAD is part of Muhammadiyah Islamic Organisation, you will have discount on hospital bills)

Rumah Sakit Hidayatulloh

Rumah Sakit Pantih Rapih

Rumah Sakit Bethesda

International hospital


Health Insurance

Having international health insurance is a must for international students. However, if you do not have you have to register at least one week after arriving in Yogyakarta.

These are some of insurances in Jogjakarta.

1. CAR

2. AXA


Please make sure that the hospitals around your home is provided by those insurances.


Find more information here


If you rent a house you have to pay jimpitan. Jimpitan is amount of money that should be paid for security service. It speends only Rp 500 or more (up to you) in a week. Please put on a can in front of your house and put on the money there. Every night, the area patrol will walk around to keep the city safe.

Security and Safety for International Students

Please find information here


Some of international banks that easy to access in Jogja: VISA, Commonwealth, Bank of China, HSBC.

Public Bank in Indonesia for international transactions :





Bank Mandiri 


International Travel Times 
Yogyakarta Jakarta 1 hour 5 minutes
Bali 1 hour 10 minutes
Malaysia 2 hours 25 minutes
Singapore 2 hours 20 minutes
Tokyo 10 hours 20 minutes
Beijing 14 hours 30 minutes
Mumbai 11 hours 15 minutes
Perth 7 hours 35 minutes
Adelaide 15 hours 35 minutes
Melbourne 11 hours 25 minutes
Sydney 13 hours 30 minutes
Los Angles 24 hours 50 minutes
Abu Dhabi 25 hours 40 minutes
Useful link : www.skyscanner.co.id