Dear visitors,

            Welcome to Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta Indonesia. It is privilege to welcome you to our university, a place where intelligence and moralty work and blend in harmony under a strong academic atmosphere. Our vision is to produce intellectuals who have high morality so that they can spread positive effects to both their own lives and larger society where they live as well.

Founded since 1960, we, today, become one of the Yogyakarta’s famous brand names in private higher education, not just across the length and breadth of Yogyakarta Province, but nationwide.  It has even been growing into an international level university. The fact that the students from more than 15 countries are studying here in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan is a testimony to its growing international popularity.

Today, we have 10 undergraduate constituent faculties plus 10 departments of graduate programs and all have been holding accreditation certificates from national education board. These ten undergraduate faculties are Education, Law, Letters, Psychology, Islamic Studies, Economics, Math and Science, Pharmacy, Industrial Engineering, and Public Health. Graduate programs are; Magister in Physics Education, Magister in Psychology Profession, Magister in Psychology Science, Magister in English Education, Magister in Pharmacy, Magister in Education Management, Magister in Informatics Engineering, Magister in Vocational Teacher Education, Magister in Mathematics Education and Master in Management. Of these undergraduate and graduate programs, there are around 14.000 students at campus. Besides, we also have an active alumni base of over 65.000 students across nation.

To assure that our vision in producing excellent intellectuals with morality is tangibly possibly achievable, we provide students an educational environment with sufficient academic facilities. Strongly internet connected, wide and comfortable, downtown, and very activities like AC lecture rooms, standardized laboratories, campus halls, libraries and sport and extracurricular centers are some among other facilities that we provide in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan campus.

With all these academic facilities and supports we have, we’re certain that our vision is real. National accreditation cerificates for all our faculties and programs, and our being an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 international standard certified university are facts of that.

With all of our achievement, we believe we’re home to top ranked private universities of Indonesia today. So, come and join us now, and you’ll know that becoming an intellectual with morality is not a dream.

Again, a sincere welcome to Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and good luck for you!

Dr. Kasiyarno,M.Hum.

Rector of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan