Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton held  Joint International Community and Culture in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi (8-14 / 07/2019). This event was held in order to enhance cooperation between Muhammadiyah higher education institutions in Indonesia and provide different cultural experiences to UAD foreign students. This was the second time that UM Buton and UAD held Joint International community and culture. Last year the event was integrated with the Darmasiswa Community Program in Prambanan, Yogyakarta. This year the Joint International Community and Culture took the theme of food and culture diversity in two islands. The participants of the Joint International Community and Culture last year were only students from China, this year the international UAD students from Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, and China participated.

 On the first day of UM, Buton welcomed UAD international students at the Buton UM campus hall with the introduction to Buton authentic cuisine and speech from UM Buton rector Dr. Wa Ode Alzarliani, S.I.P., M.M .. Then continued with the introduction to Wolio language, which is the regional language of Buton. After the event at the UM Buton campus area, UAD international students were invited to tour central Buton to introduce tourism culture and potential. International UAD students are also invited to participate in social and community activities such as cultural sharing classes with students at SMA Negeri 2  Baubau.

This activity is expected to promote Muhammadiyah higher education institutions to international students. In addition, this activity is intended to promote tourism potential to foreign tourists. According to the head of office of the international affairs UAD Ida Puspita, “The Joint International Community and Culture program is the commitment of UAD to mentor other Muhammadiyah higher education institution to internationalize the campus, next year we are targeting 2 UAD partner universities from abroad to join this event, and we are opening up to cooperation with other Muhammadiyah higher education institution “.