Thursday, 20th September 2016, located at Gedung Astaka Universiti Malaysia Pahang, four students of Faculty of Industrial Technology of UAD who have been studying at UMP under Transfer Credit System Program participated in International Open Day (IOD) which was titled “We are the World”. This event was participated by seven countries, those are Sudan, India, Bangladesh, Yemen, German, Nigeria, and Jordan.

This event was divided in to two parts, during the day, participants presented their country by providing any information on the served booths and in the evening, students performed their traditional cultures. In this great opportunities, Rizky Gusti Pratiwi, Hilda Syahidatina Nusa’ibah, Laras Ekananda Fidya Ratri, Latifah Nurul Huda and other Indonesian students under Indonesian Students in Malaysia Association (PPI Malaysia) introduced Indonesian to All of the visitors, in the booth themed “Pesona Indonesia”. They provided information related to 33 provinces of Indonesia, some of Indonesian traditional foods,  traditional costumes, etc. Further, they danced Maumere Dance (a traditional dance from West Nusa Tenggara) whereby in the end of the dance, they sang Indonesian anthem. Indonesian team is granted as the third best performance.

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