Located at Ruang Sidang Utama Kampus 1, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) under International Office cooperated with Students and Alumni Bureau (BIMAWA) conducted a Technical Meeting for 26 alumni who are planed to teach in 15 partner schools of UAD in Thailand. They are scheduled to teach from the beginning of May 20017 to April 2017.

Due to great number of required teachers this year, UAD sends them in two batches. The first batch, UAD sends 26 alumni and the second batch is still ongoing process. The Technical Meeting was officially opened by Prof. Sarbiran, Ph.D. (vice Rector IV), it was followed by speeches by Ida Puspita, M.A.Res. (director of International Office), R. Muhammad Ali, S.S., M.Pd. (head of English Education Program) and Tri Rina Budiwati S.S. M.Hum. (head of English Letters).

Alumni Mengajar di Thailand (Alumni Teaching in Thailand) program was started in 2013, the demand of alumni continuously increases and this year it reached a peak at more than 30 alumni during four years. Mostly, partner schools in Thailand require English and Arabic teachers. Further, after signing MoU between UAD  and Islamic Integrated School Network (IISN) Thailand,  the number of partner schools of UAD in Thailand steadily increases and location of the school largely spread. In 2017, UAD sends alumni to some schools in Bangkok, Krabi and South Thailand.

To join this program, alumni has to follow series of selection process such as document selection, interview and teaching practice, those all are conducted in the office their program study. After that,  International Office cooperated with Students and Alumni Bureau (BIMAWA) held free in charge of Thai language preparation and technical meeting to open their knowledge about cross cultural understanding. Moreover, alumni who have experience on this program shared their experience of living in Thailand.