Located in the Auditorium  Campus 3  May 3, 2019, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan under the Office of International Affairs (KUI) held the closing ceremony for foreign students. There are 48 foreign students who have finished studying at UAD. They came from several different programs, including 12 students from the Darmasiswa Program (Indonesian Language and Culture Program for 1 year), the twelve students came from Yemen, China, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam Hungary, Egypt and Tajikistan. Nine Chinese students graduated from Indonesian Literature Department under  2 + 2  Program and 5 Chinese also graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business. 11 Students under The 3 + 1 Program graduated from Faculty of Economics and Business and 1 student graduated from the Faculty of Literature Culture and Communication. Two  Thai students graduated from English Education Department and Economic Development Deparment.

The theme of closing ceremony was ‘Balada Cinta Dewi Safitri’. The event was opened by the head of the International Affairs Office Ida Puspita, M.A.Res. The event was also attended by Teachers of Darmasiswa, UAD Lecturers, Indonesian students and UAD international students and the event was also open to the public. In this closing ceremony, foreign students presented several Indonesian arts and arts from their respective countries including Sajojo dance by Darmasiswa program students, songs from Chinese students, and others.