Located at Ruang Auditorium 3rd floor of Kampus 1 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), UAD and TIE-UPS International proudly presented the first Indian education fair. It was titled “Incredible India Education Fair”, and it was conducted for three days from 30th January to 1st February 2017.

There were 14 Indian universities participated in this event. In the first day, 30th January 2017, representative of 14 Indian universities met representative (Principals/vice principals/ teachers) from Senior High School. In this great chance, all representatives of Indian universities introduced their universities to the students through their principals. Further, some of them offered scholarship.

In the afternoon, Incredible Education Fair was officially opened by Dr.Kasiyarno, M.Hum. (Rector of UAD), representatives of Indian embassy, and Mr. Ravi Makhija (director of TIE-UPS International). This event was attended by thousands of students of senior high schools and universities in Yogyakarta. Apart from Education Fair, in the same building seminar on Indian universities were also held. In the mini seminar, visitors got deeper information about each university and their offers.

In the second day, representative of Indian universities, TIE-UPS International, Dr. Kasiyarno,M.Hum. (Rector of UAD and the head of Association of Private Higher Education Institutions in Yogyakarta), and 35 private universities of Yogyakarta conducted warm meeting then signed MoU. In the afternoon, the exhibition was continued.

“We believe that after signing MoU, all of the private universities directly take an action to realize the signed Mou” said Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum.

In the last day, Dr. Kasiyarno,M.Hum. (Rector of UAD) signed Mou with Mr.Ravi Makhija as the director of TIE-UPS International (representative of Indian universities in Indonesia) and three universities, those are  Dr. AMBEDKARInstitute of Technology Bengaluru Karnatak, Sathyabama University and Garden City University, India.

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