UiTM Pahang, Malaysia visited UAD on 6-10 November 2018 to conduct the collaborative activity. The visit was a return visit from UiTM which had previously been visited by the English education study program UAD. On the first day, the delegation of UiTM had the city tour and visited several landmarks of Yogyakarta.

On the second day, UAD and UiTM conducted the collaborative public lectures on several study programs. The Management study program with Dr. Mohd Kamal Azman Bin Jusoh as the speaker held public lectures on the concept of dept in the Islamic view.  English education study program with Dr. Badli Ehsam Ahmad and Dr. Tengku Intan Suzila Bt Tengku Sharif held as the speaker held public lectures on ELT in the digital era. Arabic language and literature study program also held the public lectures with Dr. Norhapizah Mohd Burhan as the speaker. Informatics systems study program invited Mr. Mohd Ikhsan Raus to deliver a public lecture on the image of professionalism in the social media.

On the third day, the delegation of UiTM had a trip to Timang beach as the part of the edu-tourism program and to introduce the tourism potentials of Yogyakarta. On the last day, Prof. Sarbiran, the vice rector IV of UAD delivered a closing remark stated that UAD and UiTM should continue to have collaborative lectures, to maximize the knowledge exchange between two universities and two nations as well.