Located at Meeting Room 10th Floor Kampus 4 UAD, UAD and UII jointly hosted The 3rd Meeting of Growing Indonesia – A Triangular Approach (GITA), Erasmus+. The meeting was conducted in two days, the first day was in UII and the second day in UAD.

The morning of 20 July 2018, firstly, participants visited Kampus 2 UAD to see the improvement of the business center of UAD. All participants overwhelmingly checked every corner and expressed their appreciation for the effort and the very fast process of improving entrepreneurship in UAD.

After that, they moved to Kampus 4 UAD. The meeting was officially opened by Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T. (Vice Rector III of UAD) and led by Neil Towers from University of Gloucestershire (UOG).

In the first meeting, representative of UAD, UII, Nadine Sulkowski (University of Gloucestershire (UOG)), Annabelle Holder (University of Gloucestershire (UOG)), John  Jameson (Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)), Paul Oreilly (Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)), Sharon Feeney, and  representatives of Presiden University, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas Padjajaran,  and STIE Mangkuceswara Malang evaluated and monitored the ongoing process of the last meeting agreement. Further, Stakeholder presentation and each representative presented their next plans.

After praying Jum’at (Friday Prayers), alumni of UAD and UII presented their business. The meeting was ended by deciding that the 4th meeting will be conducted in Austria.

Good luck!