Office of International Affairs, UAD held Road to Ph.D. and Go Around the World with Scholarship on Saturday (16/03/2019) in Ruang Sidang Utama UAD Campus I. The event presented I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D. the awardee of various prestigious scholarships and the head of Office of International Affairs, UGM.  Ida Puspita, M.A.Res as the head of OIA UAD also presented as the moderator of the seminars. The participants of the seminars were from various institutions in Yogyakarta such as UAD, UGM, UNY, UIN, Universitas Amikom, Universitas Alma Alta and some were from institutions outside Yogyakarta such as Untidar Magelang, STT Muhmmadiyah Kebumen, UNS, and UMS.

Seminar took place in two sessions, the first session is Go Around The World with Scholarship. This session was intended for bachelor students or the public who wish to continue their study abroad. In this session, Bli Andi gave a lot of motivations to the participants to dare to dreams and make an action to make the dreams come true. Besides Motivations, Bli Andi also explained about the technical requirement and preparation to apply for the scholarship. The presentation drew the curiosity and the attention of the participants. In the question section, they were a lot of participants asked questions from motivational to technical matters.

The second session is Road to Ph.D. This session was intended for master students, lecturers or the public who wish to pursue their Ph.D. abroad. In the second section, Bli Andi also gave motivation and technical matters, but he went on further detail in this session. “ Ladies and Gentlemen, do you know Spiderman?, the story of Spiderman always repeated the same formula, but it still attracts a lot of moviegoers. The answer is the perspective, you should enhance your thesis proposal with different perspectives,” he explained. This session also ended with many questions from the participants.