IBuddies Interview Result


Dear All of the applicants of International Buddies Program (iBuddies Program). We are pleasure to inform you that, these names below are accepted to be International Buddies period of 2017/2018 of International Office Affairs of UAD

No             Name                                     Interview’s number

  1.   Fitrah Fasyanabilla Lotan                    20170603
  2. Adzar Yuni Daher                                    20170604
  3. Asna Nur Izziyah                                     20170607
  4. Larasati Muthia Anzala Rahma            20170608
  5. Aryo Jakti Artakusuma                          20170617
  6. Galih Lanang Tirto Aji                           20170619
  7. Nur Sakinah                                             20170620
  8. Nurjumriati Sawalia                               20170622
  9. Arvan Bagus M                                        20170627

Welcome to International Office Family ^_^

Please carefully save the date for our next schedule :

Friday 9th June 2017

Welcoming ceremony : 13.00-13.30

Technical Meeting  : 13.30-14.30 

Place : Ruang Sidang Utama Kampus 1 UAD


What iBuddies Program is.

iBuddies program is created to support international students of UAD  to get around during their study in UAD. Since 2007, the number of International student of UAD continuously increases. This program helps international students to get to know more about Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. Imagine when you come to new environment, do not know anything even do not know how to find daily needs.  You need someone to take your hand and help you out to stay alive.  Due to these reasons, you can help them to make a friend, share important information, etc.  Moreover, you can enlarge your international experiences and knowledge; deeply get information about study abroad, scholarship, etc.


  1. Active students of UAD
  2. Knowledge of UAD, Yogyakarta and Indonesia
  3. Speak good English. Able to speak other language is plus point
  4. Service Oriented
  5. GPA 3,00
  6. Min 3 semester, max 7 semester
  7. Personable
  8. Emphatics
  9. Open-minded


  1. Expanding your horizons on the world cultural diversity
  2. Having new international friends
  3. Getting more information about study abroad and scholarship
  4. Practicing your English or other foreign languages
  5. Becoming ambassador of UAD
  6. Being involved in all international students activities
  7. Visiting tourism and cultural destinations
  8. Gathering and cultural activities
  9. Certificate
  10. And much more

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Copy of your latest GPA
  3. CV
  4. Students ID
  5. Your latest picture (3R)

Submit your application at International Office Jl. Kapas No.9 Semaki Yogyakarta

Application Deadline

Apply Deadline
25th May  (08.00-14.00) 3rd June 2016 at 2 PM

Application Procedure:

  1. Application submission
  2. Desk Evaluation
  3. Interview
  4. Result announcement (via email and www.oia.uad.ac.id)

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Photos of I-Buddies 2017











































Testimonial iBuddies Batch 2015/2016

Participating iBuddies Program Gives Chances to Learn Other Languages!

I enjoy being iBuddies Family

I enjoy being part of iBuddies Family

Hallo guys, my name is Annisa Amalia. Now, I am a seventh semester student of Faculty of Letters, Culture, and Communication of UAD. I have been joining i-Buddies program of International Office Affairs of UAD since April 2015.

I am very glad having chance to be part of i-Buddies’ family. I have encountered uncountable experiences that will never leave my memories even for a second, such as, having international fiends from all over the world, getting to know international cultures and many more.

Additionally, this program encourages me to deeply learn and introduce Indonesian culture especially Yogyakarta’s culture. Explaining Indonesian culture in English helps me practice more my English ability. Not only English ability, since some of students come from non- English spoken country, it gives me chances to learn other foreign languages such as Korean, Chinese, etc.

Certainly, I face some obstacles as well. Getting obstacles forces me to learn more and becomes stronger. In summary, for all of you who intend to be the next i-Buddies, please enjoy your experiences here and learn more.






“Joining  iBuddies  Internationalizes My Mind”  


Hi, I am Alkindi, I am active members in several organizations of UAD. Starting last semester, I have been joining iBuddies program. By participating this program, I can seize my dreams such as having international friends, learning more international culture, and experiencing international environment.  Furthermore, this program also expands my mind that friendship cannot be limited by neither country, area, nation, ideology nor religion.  Communicating with people with different culture helps me learn more how to think and decide wisely. I do appreciate the meaning of team work when I joined this program.

“I am able to get reward from my work too through this program and I have many friends from other countries. I get to know more about foreign student’s behavior as well as sharing a lot of information. I really appreciate it.”

”I hope through this program, there will be other positive programs toward UAD’s students. They will have the same experiences as I do.”, He added.















iBuddies Program Gives me Great Chance to Study More








Hallo guys, call me Firman. I have been part of ibuddies family for a half year. In the beginning I think that joining this program give me more chance to communicate with foreigners to practice my English. Unconsciously, I got more than what I have expected.

Additionally, learning their culture such as politeness, behaviour, manners etc is much more interesting. I can undestand deeply the meaning of differences, I know that we are different but our smile has the same meaning.

Some of my friends asked, “Have you ever tested Malaysian food, Thai food or Chinese Food”.

I proudly responded “Not olny tested,  even more, they teach me how to cook those foods”.

After officially accepting in this program, International Office trained us how to hosting international students. Nevertheless, in the first time I did not know how to get long with foreigners, since joining this program is my first experience. However, as the time goes by, we get to know one each others and become best friends.

I love to study, travel and guide them. I am proud to be one of ibuddies team. Thank you OIA UAD.

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