Internship is one of the most active students’ program between Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) and University of Saint Anthony (USANT) Philippines. This yearly event has been conducted for two times and the number of participant rapidly increased. There are 15 students participated in this event, they come three different programs; eight students of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, three students of Faculty of Psychology and four students of communication Faculty of Letters, Culture and Communication. Further, Nelia A. Britanico from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and William Peter Teddy T. Guyt from Communication Program Faculty of Liberal Art were represented  USANT as their supervisors. .

They studied in UAD from 23rd of January to 17th of February 2017. This three weeks intership program consists of some activities. Students of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education did sit in the class, had first hand excperience on teaching in some lab schools of UAD and Muhammadiyah Islamic Organizations, seminar in teaching method, discussion on Indonesian education, etc. Students of Psychology did sit in the class, visited some labs, etc. Students of communication studied photography, broadcasting media, editing and visited ADI TV (Local TV station belongs to Muhammadiyah Islamic Organization). Moreover, for the final project students were asked to make a short movie.

Students and supervisors are also given hand on experience of learning Indonesian culture by visiting some historical places such as Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, hand-made handycraft, Merapi Volcano Mount etc.

To close the event, faculty conducted “The 2nd International Television Broadcasting Competition”. This competition were opened for local students and internship students. There were twelve categories contested, those are best photo, unique photo, best camera person, best journalistic photo, most talented news readers, most talented presenter, best setting and properties, bests scenario, best sound director, best movie editor, best director and best short movie.

  1. Best talented news reader is won by Kimberly N Nacario
  2. Most talented presenter is won by Hesti Sukma Setianingsih
  3. Best photo is seized by Beradette Aldos
  4. Best setting and properties is seized by “unending love” movie
  5. Best scenario is won by Kimberly N Nacario and Hesti Sukma S
  6. Best director is seized by Rifky Nanda F
  7. Best Camera person is seized by Sara O. Mirasol
  8. Uniq photo is seized by Veronica Kulsum and Rufai Nanda F
  9. Best jurnalistic photo is won by Rizki Delisia U and Ray Reneg
  10. Best movie editor is won by Veronica Kulsum
  11. Best sound director is seized by Alfi Fitriyani
  12. Best short move is seized by “Regret” short movie


We congratulate to all the winners! We are waiting for the next activities!

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