Dear students and alumni, our partner university Sona College of Technology offers Full Scholarship for Indonesian Students particularly in Masters in Engineering Program. Detailed  brochure download here


Terms and Conditions for Scholarship

1. Any candidate who wishes to apply for this scholarship must have completed a four-year Bachelor
course in Engineering in a reputed University around the globe. As per the norms of Directorate
of Technical Education (DOTE), Chennai, it is necessary to get the equivalence of the course
studied by the candidate from Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.
a. Understanding the procedural efforts that needs to be taken by the candidate for obtaining
the equivalence, we would be able to help the student to get the same. The charges
towards the same need to be borne by the candidate (Equivalence Fee and Registration
Fee: US $500)

2. The candidate must also have a First/Second Class degree (preferably Distinction/Honors) and
must be academically sound. The candidate must also expose passion towards doing research at
Sona College of Technology.
3. At the time of admission, it is necessary that the candidate submits all the documents in English.
It is mandatory that the candidate translates all the transcripts, degree certificate, syllabus and
curriculum to English, thereby enabling quicker processing of the application.
4. It is mandatory that the candidate has a proficient knowledge in English (Speak, Read and Write)
as the mode of teaching at Sona College of Technology would be in English.
a. If the candidate does not have the proficiency in English, the International Affairs Cell of
Sona College of Technology, will help them undergo an English Proficiency Course with
one of its partners for a period of three months. The course fee for the above would be US
$ 585. The accommodation expenses during this course is to be borne by the candidate

5. A 100% tuition fee waiver is offered to eligible candidate who satisfy the eligibility criteria as fixed
by Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE), Chennai and Anna University, Chennai. The fee
waiver is applicable to the tuition fee alone and does not cover Semester End Examination Fees
and Equivalence Fee.
a. All International Students admitted in the institution are eligible to enjoy the sports facility
available in the campus at no additional cost. However, it is mandatory that the students
obey to the rules and regulations formulated by the Physical Education Department from
time to time.

6. Hostel facility would be provided to the selected candidate. A nominal charge of US $1400 would
be charged for the utilization of hostel facility. This includes, a twin sharing Non-AC room with
bath attached facility, vegetarian food, electricity, water, bedding, almirah, study table and
complementary WiFi.
a. If the candidate wishes to stay outside the campus, we encourage to do so. However,
during the period of identifying an accommodation outside, the candidate is permitted to
stay in the hostel for a period of one week (seven days) at no additional cost. For any a
stay in the hostel more the stipulated one week would be charged as per hostel norms (US
$5 per day – approx.)

7. The candidate on selection is required to effectively utilize the available resources in the institution
for his development as and when required.
8. The candidate who has been selected under the scholarship would be actively involved in various
academic and research activities in the respective departments.
9. During the period of stay in the campus, it is mandatory that the candidate maintains proper
dress code and abides to the rules and regulations of the institution.
10.Any rules and regulations as listed by the Controller of Examinations needs to be abided by the
candidate for successful completion of the course.


Eligibility qualification for admission to various ME/MTECH degree programmes


Faculty of Civil Engineering
S.No P.G.Programmes Eligible Qualification Number of Seats Surrendered
1 Construction                      Engineering                      and Management BE/BTECH

1.   Civil Engineering

2.   Civil and Structural Engineering



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
1 Industrial Safety Engineering BE/BTECH – All Branches 2
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
1 Power Systems Engineering BE/BTECH – Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1
2 Power Electronics Engineering BE/BTECH

1.   Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2.   Electronics and Communication Engg.,




Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering

1.   Electronics Engineering

2.   Electronics and Communication Engg.,

3.   Electrical and Electronics Engineering






4.   Instrumentation Engineering

5.   Electronics and Instrumentation Engg.,

6.   Instrumentation and Control Engg.,

7.   Computer Science and Engineering

8.   Information Technology

3 Computer Science and Engineering BE/BTECH

1.   Electronics and Communication Engg.,

2.   Information Technology

3.   Computer Science and Engineering

4.   Computer Hardware and Software

5.   Software Engineering

6.   Electronics Engineering

4 Information Technology