1. Registration Fee  IDR  250.000,00

2. Tuition Rates (IDR and USD)

Programs Tuition Fee Admissions
Short term Indonesian Language Programs(10 –  12 hours/week) IDR 80.000/ hour IDR 500.000/week IDR 1.800.000/month Flexible in time
Long term Indonesian Language Programs(10-12 hours/week) IDR 5.000.000/semester IDR 9.000.000/semester Early March and Early September each year
Summer Camp and Study Tour Programs USD 800 and USD 1000 (include Bali Trip) Flexible in Time

The Tuition Fee for Bachelor Programs can be viewed on the link below:

First Term Registration

Second Term Registration

Third Term Registration

The Tuition Fee for Master Programs can be viewed on the link below:

Tuition Fee_Master Programs

3.  Other Cost (IDR)

4. Fee of text books : To be covered by students themselves

5. Visa Fees :

     The students have to apply for study permit, conversion and also Registration of Limited Stay Permit and the fee should be covered by themselves.

6. Accommodation cost