A. Faculty of Education and Islamic Studies:

  1. Hadits Interpretation (Tafsir Hadith)
  2. Arabic Language and Literature
  3. Islamic Education (Tarbiyah)

B. Faculty of Economics:

  1.   Economic Development
  2.   Management
  3.   Accounting
  4. Islamic Banking System (Perbankan Syariah)

C. Faculty of Pharmacy:

  1. Pharmacy

D.Faculty of Law:

Legal/Law Studies   

E.  Faculty of Teacher Training and Education:

  1. Guidance and Counsellings
  2. Indonesian Language and Literature Education
  3. English Education
  4. Mathematics Education 
  5. Mathematics Education(International Class)
  6. Physics Education
  7. Physics Education (International Class)
  8. Biology Education
  9. Biology Education (International Class)
  10. Civics Education
  11. Primary School Teacher Education
  12. Early Childhood Teacher Education 

F. Faculty of Public Health:

Public Health

G. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Information System 
  4. Biology

H. Faculty of Psychology:


I. Faculty of Literature, Culture, and Communication:

  1. English Letters
  2. Indonesian Literature
  3. Communication

K. Faculty of Industrial Technology:

  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Informatics Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Food Technology


  1. Public Health
  2. Informatics Engineering
  3. Management


  1. Master in Physics Education 
  2. Master in Psychology Profession
  3. Master in Psychology Science
  4. Master in English Education
  5. Master in Pharmacy
  6. Master in Education Management
  7. Master of Informatics Engineering
  8. Master in Vocational Teacher Education
  9. Master in Mathematics Education
  10. Master of Management



  1. Pharmacist Profession