Located at Ruang Auditorium Kampus 1 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), 20th May 2017, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan under International Office Affairs conducted a closing ceremony of international students. This year, there 108 international students graduated from UAD, they studied in three different program those are; 9 Darmasiswa students (students who studied Indonesian language and culture under Indonesian government scholarship program. They come from Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos), 80 students of 3+1 Joint Degree Program betwenn UAD and Guangxi University for Nationalities and Xiangshihu College, 9 students of  2+2 Joint Degree Program between UAD and Guangxi University for Nationalities and 9 regular students from Thailand.

In this period, the ceremony is themed “Marleen Kondang”. It is adapted from the folklore of West Sumatera, Indonesia. It was officially opened by Prof. Sarbiran, Ph.D. (Vicer Rector IV) then followed by speech delivered by Ida Puspita,M.A.Res. (director of International Office Affairs). Further, this event was attended by Dra. Salamatun Asakdiyah, M.Si. (Dean of Faculty of Economics), Drs. Umarino, M.Hum. (Dean of Faculty of Letters, Culture and Communication), lecturers of Darmasiswa, some lecturers of UAD, and head of some bureau.

International students performed some of Indonesian and their countries culture such as: 17 Chinese students sang “Indonesia Pusaka”, 8 Chinese students danced “Yospan” from Papua, Malaysian students musical poetry, Thai students performed “Likehulu dance”, Chinese students sang “Sepatu” (a song by Tulus), “Tor-tor dance” performance and in the last of the ceremony Darmasiswa students performed musical drama of “Malin Kundang”.

Ida Puspita,M.A.Res. said, “ Closing ceremony is a yearly event conducted for international students. The number of students continuously increases. Further, the variation of students’country is far larger compared to the previous years.  This event aims to give chances to the international students to show their great achievements during studying in UAD. Moreover, this is a great chance for international students to introduce their countries through culture”.

She added, “We hope that they can introduce Indonesia especially UAD in their home countries”.