Dear students, our partner Beijing University of Chemical Technology offers International S & T Innovation Summer Camp on 8-19 July 2019

Program Advantages
‹ Stimulating the Potential of Innovation & Creativity
‹ Improving Scientific Literacy and Humanistic Literacy
‹ Expanding International Vision& Experience Multiculturalism
‹ Improving Team Spirit and Practical Abilities
‹ Obtaining Scholarship Opportunities


S&T Innovation Lectures
‹ Development Situation and Trends of Advanced Materials Development Situation
‹ Development Situation and Trends of New Energy and Renewable Energy
‹ Development Situation and Trends of Green Chemistry
‹ Development Situation and Trends of China Economics and Industry

Chinese Culture Experience Courses
‹ China S&T History
‹ China Architecture
‹ Chinese Food
‹ Calligraphy

Famous Sightseeing Tour
‹ Great Wall
‹ Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
‹ Temple of Heaven

Accommodation & Cost
‹ Accommodation in BUCT: International Students Dorm for FREE.
‹ Tuition/Training fee: FREE
‹ Company visiting/Sightseeing Tour: FREE
‹ International Round-way Flights Ticket: Self-Pay by participants.
‹ Meal: Self-Pay (Food in BUCT Dining Room is available and about 2 US Dollars per meal)

Application Deadline:10th May 2019
Application Procedure:

‹ Open to students in all majors
‹ Fill in the application form (attached)
‹ Sent the application form to the email address
‹ BUCT will review the application form of the students and will send the acceptance letter
to the qualified candidates.

Brochure download here