Feng Yangming Falls in Love with Indonesia since Child

Feng Yangming

Feng Yangming

Feng Yangming is one of active students in Faculty of Letters, Culture and Communication of UAD. Having Indonesian name Reza, he was born in Quangdong on 11th August 20 years ago. Reza felt in love with Indonesia for the first time when he was in Elementary School. He told that there were so many Indonesian students near his house.

“At that time, I learnt Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) through internet. Whenever I met Indonesian students, I always greeted them in Bahasa Indonesia. They were shocked because Schools in China do not provided Bahasa Indonesia  as one of lectures.” He said.

He added, “I really love reading Indonesian literature. Generally, Indonesian people free to criticize through writing.”

One of his favourite Indonesian writers is Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Since Bahasa Indonesia is not one of the lectures taught in school, he has been learning Bahasa Indonesia by himself. One positive thing he can get is he gets to know many Bahasa Indonesia lecturers from universities in Quangdon. They personally gave Indonesian books to him after seeing his great enthusiasm in learning Bahasa Indonesia.

“It is an enormous opportunity to study in UAD. One of the great times is when my lecturer invited a famous writer to my class. Before joining this class, I have read his book. So, I could actively participate and ask some questions to him. I want to be a writer like him too.” He added in brightly eyes.

????????????????????????????????????Feng Yangmin and two intenrational student win silver medal at "Video Promosi Indonesia" National Competition

Feng Yangmin and two intenrational students win silver medal in “Video Promosi Indonesia” National Competition

Liana Snytsar Initiates Indonesian Language to be one of Lecture in Ukraine



Liana Snytsar is one of international students in UAD who has been studying under Darmasiswa Scholarship (Indonesian Government Scholarship). She has known Indonesian since 17 years ago. She interested to study Indonesian language then chose Indonesian language as  her undergraduate major.

She said, “Indonesian geographic condition and thousand of exist cultures in Indonesia attract me to learn more Indonesia”.

She added “ Loving Indonesia and Indonesian culture lead me to come and enjoy studying anything about Indonesia”.

In Ukraine, Indonesian language major is  available only in one university. So, Indonesian language is an uncommon major.  However, she said that she do not want to be a translator in the future, she prepare to have a job that need creativity.

“Surely, I want to teach Indonesian language in my country. I will prepare an interesting teaching method to attract people, once they get a good impression they will come and learn.” She added with beautiful smile on her lips.

Liana wins Silver Medal in Tapak Suci National Competition

Liana wins Silver Medal in Tapak Suci National Competition